MMSD Distinguished Service Award Video

This video about Marj was made when she received the MMSD Distinguished Service Award

Text of the video:

She can be a tough task-master, a protective mother-bear or a wise-cracking New Yorker, but above all else it is Marjorie Passman’s ability to be herself that makes her an incredibly successful teacher. Marj has the perfect combination of teaching expertise and personality; encouraging students to be themselves and explore their learning while maintaining a safe, respectful environment of high academic standards.

In her seventh grade social studies classes at Cherokee Heights Middle School Marj Passman offers up every bit of her life experience, her years of continuing education and her soul to the benefit of her students. Her social justice unit helps students tackle the social and political issues of race, class and gender. Drawing from the UW, the Southern Poverty Law Center, current events and literature, students engage in research, teamwork, and project development and presentation skills development. Her values of justice, fairness and equality have made her a natural at providing opportunities for all learners regardless of ability or disability.

Her devotion to students follows them in and outside of the classroom at music performances and events, and on into high school. Her depth of understanding of children and adolescents has allowed her to help many parents through trying times. With kindness, and always humor, she provides direction, perspective and wisdom. Her generous spirit will be felt in the Cherokee hallways long after she retires. Congratulations Marjorie Passman.