Marj's Book

Excerpts from My Side, Reflections of a Public School Teacher, by Marj Passman


It was the middle of August and I had come to Lincoln Elementary School to set up my fifth-grade classroom. The heat and humidity of the Madison summer was oppressive, and I went to open the windows for some relief. Staring back at me from the other side was this big smiling face, barely reaching over the window frame. I took one look and recognized the boy who was always cheerful and happy whenever I saw him in the school hallways. He introduced himself as William, and I realized that he was on my class list.

Chapter 4: The New Teacher

Remember the saying, “This is the first day of the rest of your life”? Every year the first day of school echoes this hope. Many teachers have been preparing all summer and have already been in their classrooms for weeks (without pay) setting them up. They have their class lists, materials are ready, and all are hoping for a great year ahead. Most have already spent hundreds of dollars of their own money on supplies for their room.

Chapter 11: The Supreme Pleasure of Getting it Right

We teachers all have incredible stories to tell, each one illustrating the uncanny ability we had in dealing with difficult school situations. Maybe they are inside jokes, but we know a good one when we hear it, and there are those days where success comes in unexpected ways.