Marjorie Passman for School Board

I am running for reelection to Seat 6 of the Madison School Board.

I believe that another three-year commitment is needed to see through many of the instructional and administrative changes that have occurred in the last three years. The new Strategic Plan, Fine Arts, TAGs, Equity, Math Reports and Literacy Evaluations are some of the many policy changes that have been developed since my arrival on the Board.

In the near future many crucial decisions will also have to be made. We face problems with educational reforms, especially with the reduction in state funding, closing the achievement gap, reforming high schools, and improving our programs to accommodate changing demographics. More than ever our School Board needs someone with experience like mine as a teacher and experienced Board member to help guide our District.

Over the years I have thought about why Public Schools are so important to our country. These are some of the conclusions I have come to:

Why We Have Public Schools?

  1. To provide universal access to free education
  2. To guarantee equal opportunities for all children
  3. To unify a diverse population
  4. To prepare people for citizenship in a democratic society
  5. To prepare people to become economically self-sufficient
  6. To improve social conditions
  7. To pass knowledge from one generation to the next
  8. To share the accumulated wisdom of the ages
  9. To instill in our young people a love for a lifetime of learning
  10. To bring a richness and depth to life

“We pay taxes to support the role public education plays in civilizing and enriching our society.” This is a right owed to all our children. Our public schools have historically been the great equalizer in our country. We have a social contract with our children that an education is due them. It is not a generous luxury, benevolently bestowed upon them. If we are to remain a Democracy, we must educate the next generation.

One irony we live with today is that our rapidly changing demographics in Madison create a need for even more money for more needy children at a time when we receive less funding for all our children. This is the great conundrum of our day.

Our challenges are to keep our Public Schools strong and educate all our children.

I appreciate all the support shown me in the last three years and look forward to serving the people, the teachers, the parents and students of MMSD for another three-year term.